Who Listens to Podcasts?

Within the spring of every 12 months, Edison Research releases its compiled statistics for the prior yr regarding podcasting and podcast listeners. One thing is definitely evident, each and every year, podcasting is becoming more and more popular. In actual fact, podcasting is the fastest growing communication medium on this planet!

It’s reported that 62 million folks listen to podcasts each and every week! And the average podcast listener has no less than 7 totally different podcasts they listen to, normally on their smart phone!

The typical listener will accomplish that while at dwelling (ninety%), or while commuting to and from work (64%). Nearly half of the respondents also said they listen to podcasts while working out or out for a walk (49%).

That does this mean for you?

Look at the three methods of communication within the mass media market. Audio (radio and podcasting), visible (television or videos) and written (newspapers, magazines and blog posts). Two of the three require captivated attention (video and written). Only one method of communication will permit people to do different activities while still obtaining the information they desire. Audio!

Your listeners don’t have to be tied down to a pc screen to look at or read your information. They’ll take their smart phone with them to the gym, within the car, out for a walk or while working around the house or in the yard. Even trendy vehicles are implementing podcast listening devices (USB and built-in audio) that assist podcasting!

I am relationship myself a bit right here, but I can bear in mind when vehicles only came equipped with AM radio. FM was a “special order” item! My how instances have changed!

When you could have a podcast that provides info that individuals need to consume, they are going to find a way to acquire it. That’s the total goal of podcasting, to provide information. That information might be fiction or non-fiction; news or entertainment. There are individuals who listen to your podcast, regardless of what niche you are in. Obviously, the more fashionable the niche, the larger the potential audience. However you’ll be able to grow to be a significant player in a smaller area of interest!

The average consumer of podcast audio reports they are doing housework, chores or just “nothing in any respect” (70+%). More than half (52%) are driving!

Your podcast is the way to speak your story to those that need to hear. And the people in your area of interest will listen.

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