Tips for beating the January blues

The days are short, cold, and wet. Festive overindulgence has left you feeling sluggish. Your New Year’s resolutions have been lost in the fog of January. There are many reasons we’d really feel down at this time of the 12 months, with many of us experiencing low temper during the cold and miserable weather. 

Many people find that talking to someone helps, but we recognise there’s nobody-dimension-fits-all solution. Completely different things work for various people at different times. So we’ve put collectively some suggestions to help you really feel more cheery throughout the cold weather.

Let there be light!

January is a dark month and limited sun exposure means our our bodies produce less vitamin D, which is associated with healthy brain function. The very best way to get vitamin D naturally is from the sun, so try to get out and about as often as possible.  

Research have shown that a lack of Vitamin D can contribute to us feeling down, so when you aren’t able to get outdoors in the course of the day, consider taking supplements and make certain you’re getting your intake by way of vitamin D rich foods, similar to oily fish, red meat and eggs. Vegetarian and vegan foods with high ranges of vitamin D include mushrooms and fortified products similar to soy milk, orange juice and cereal.

Ditch the booze for a couple of weeks

In the event you drink alcohol, giving up the nightly tipple, even just for a few weeks, can lead to raised sleep, improved mood and higher energy levels. To not point out a bit of additional pocket money! A month away from the drink may additionally prompt us to consider our long-term relationship with alcohol, which is rarely a bad thing!

Set some goals

Many people can feel adrift without clear goals in life. Realistic life goals and each day objectives can provide us a sense of goal, help us feel more in management and set us on the course to a more positive outlook. To get started, think about what’s essential to you. What would you like to do more of? What’s an area of life you’d like to improve? Additionally make a list of the things you enjoy and try to do these activities in small amounts when you’re feeling down.

Keep active

Many individuals discover that keeping active helps them maintain positive mental health. Research have even shown that exercise can work as effectively as antidepressant medication. This doesn’t have to be a visit to the gym or a 10k run – just a 20-minute walk can make you better. If it really is simply too cold and wet to venture outside, there are lots of completely different things you’ll be able to strive at house from easy standing stretches to on-line exercise routines. Even household chores like hoovering or cleaning might help – just enough to keep your body moving.

Talk about your emotions

If your temper is affecting your life, or in case you’re unsure and feel concerned, speaking to a GP might aid you higher understand the way you’re feeling. For many people, talking about their mood is the first step to feeling better.

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