The Present State Of “Wrong Patient” Insulin Pen Injections

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– By no means use insulin pens for more than one person, even when the needle is modified. They are designed to be used by a single affected person solely.

– Clearly label insulin pens with the person’s name or other figuring out info to make sure that the proper pen is used exclusively on one particular person. Take care to not cowl important product data (e.g., product identify) or the dosing window.

– Hospitals and other facilities that use insulin pens and similar gadgets ought to have insurance policies addressing safe use.

– Hospitals ought to have a program to ensure that staff are appropriately educated in advance of introducing these merchandise and to actively monitor to make sure strict adherence to safe practices.

– If multipatient use is recognized, promptly notify exposed individuals and offer acceptable follow-up, together with bloodborne pathogen testing.

Unfortunately, hospitals could find it troublesome to keep up effective ongoing training and monitoring due to workers turnover and different pressures.17 Breakdowns in these processes will enable hazardous circumstances to persist as a result of it solely takes a number of practitioners who are not conscious of the dangers of illness transmission to inadvertently expose patients to pathogens.

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