T-Roys Relief Roofing

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With T-Roys Relief Roofing you get more than nice worth, you get a complete team of residential and industrial exterior downside solvers. Plus, you get a lifetime warranty, 24-hour turnaround on most jobs, and wonderful customer service professionals who’re here to ensure you’re comfortable each step of the best way.

If you have already got two layers shingles, the choice is made for you. The International Residential Code says that you can’t put a new roof over two or extra applications of any sort of roof covering. Part of the explanation has to do with weight and its effect on the structure of your house. A shingle roofers in Houston your hand might not feel as if it weighs a lot, but cowl a roof with 1,500 square ft of them, and it’s nearly the equivalent of parking a two-ton SUV up there!

Fascia – The outer edge of your roof line, usually behind the rain gutter, is the fascia board. The fascia could be very vulnerable to water injury if the gutters overflow with water. This can result in rot and leaks. When you suppose the fascia of your roof may be broken, call us immediately to schedule a free inspection.

– There’s a spike in your utility bills. More often than not, inadequate ventilation in the attic may contribute to an increase in your utility bill. Heating and cooling will be affected which in turn causes extra energy to be used.

– Ice buildup on the roof. The ventilation system on your roof strikes air round, ensuring that temperatures are favorable. If not, ice dams could form on the roof.

– Steel components on the roof begin to corrode. The heat combined with humidity will cause some roofing parts to degrade prematurely. That’s why roof ventilation is so important.

– There may be dampness within the attic. Any water stains or dampness within the attic is a clear indicator that there’s insufficient ventilation.

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