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The Wholesale Formula exposes a new way to sell on Amazon. It’s a proven, step-by-step system that lays out your exact plan to make a 6-7 figure annual income using the most successful platform in the world today – Amazon.

4 years agoMeet Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors. They’ve pioneered a method called Reverse Sourcing Wholesale and their students have generated over one billion dollars so far. Starting with less than $600 in their pockets, they scaled their Amazon business to over $30 Million dollars in 2 years.

If you’re looking for the next level of success with Amazon that generates consistent, predictable and scalable income, now is the best time to add this model. Discover why it’s the best Amazon model right now to generate cash flow fast, and see if The Wholesale Formula is right for you.

When I first read in the Feedvisor Report that one in five Amazon sellers generate over $1,000,000+ in annual revenue, I was stunned!

Nearly half of all Amazon sellers generated over $250,000 each year.

Amazon is expecting its revenue to be over $400 Billion this year. Hordes of people are being forced to buy online now due to quarantining, and they are buying on Amazon.

Amazon has created the BIGGEST money-making opportunity for everyday people like you and me. Our generation has never seen an opportunity like this before.

Amazon is experiencing staggering growth. You might have heard the news that in recent quarter (ending December 31, 2020) the company had $125.6 billion in revenue. That’s up 44% year over year – despite a historic hiring spree and heavy investments into infrastructure.

One interesting fact that you might not know is that 50% of Amazon’s profit doesn’t go to Jeff Bezos. Amazon sellers are the ones that are getting a big check! This means that you too can grow your business as fast as Amazon.

So how can we leverage Amazon’s success? What’s the best, safest, most profitable model to sell on Amazon today in 2021?

The Wholesale Formula course is the most comprehensive, proven Amazon FBA wholesale training for starting and continually growing a business. You’ll be learning things like:

How to find and acquire profitable wholesale accounts that deliver predictable and sustainable income.

How to negotiate pricing with vendors to increase your profit.

How to get started even if you are brand new to this and have never sold anything online before.

How to systemize and automate the business so it can run on autopilot.

But it’s not just a step-by-step Amazon wholesale course. No, much more than that:

Alumni Community – It’s a private FB group where TWF students can support each other and share strategies, and build relationships & partnerships. Dylan & Dan are both very active there. This group is a safety net that ensures your success. It’s a group filled with experts who have sold over $500,000,000 on Amazon. You won’t find a group like this anywhere else on the internet.

Exclusive software access – To automate your business, you can use software like Seller Labs Pro, Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout. As a TWF member, you’ll get exclusive discounts and free trials.

Templates & Resources – Email templates to contact brand owners, communication templates, as well as access to checklists, spreadsheets and other fill in the blank tools and resources.

VA Launchpad – Full training course on hiring & training your Virtual Assistant. It’s an essential tool to growing & scaling your business.

TWF Live event – An annual LIVE, in-person event only for TWF students where you can network with other students & learn from the experts.

Webinar Recordings – 12+ hours of webinar specifically tailored to help students achieve a deeper understanding of the course materials. It’s a step-by-step walkthrough and valuable answers to student’s FAQ.

Module 1 – Getting Started

Hit the ground running as they help you build a solid foundation of The Wholesale Formula business model and walk you through the steps necessary to start your business!

Module 2 – Product Analysis

Learn how to effectively and efficiently analyze Amazon products to determine their profit potential to see if they’re the right fit for your business.

Module 3 – Scouting

Master their proprietary scouting methods of Leaf Sourcing, Amazon Filtering, and Super Targeting to find tons of the best wholesale product opportunities fast!

Module 4 – Value Propositions

Stand out and make yourself irresistible to brands to significantly increase your account approvals! Your Amazon expertise will help turn your partnered brands into raving fans.

Module 5 – Sourcing

Discover the exact systems they use to contact brand owners, open wholesale accounts and negotiate lower prices. Accurately forecast sales to place initial orders and reorders ensuring you never miss a sale.

Resource Valut & Webinar Recordings

After you’ve mastered the core course material and your business is rocking and rolling, it’s time to start implementing the exact same automation techniques they’ve used to scale to the 8-figure level.

Among all the Amazon FBA courses, this particular group of people are really CRUSHING it.

See the picture above? Everybody is grinning from ear to ear with their two hands up, like they just won the lottery! The average sale of this group will blow you away!

As of last month, TWF students sold $1,057,143,592 dollars. This means each member made an average of $1,212,345!!!

And soon to be verified but we all know that this number went up significantly after the pandemic.

Long story short, I joined The Wholesale Formula right away to find out all about it myself. Coming from a traditional Amazon selling background (ASM2), I wanted to find out what they’ve been doing that’s different from other Amazon sellers.

Recently, many Amazon sellers seem to be struggling with ROI. They used to sell very well 3-4 years ago, but now they’re paying more for Amazon ads, and other marketing costs. Their profit margins became slimmer and slimmer, from 40% to 30%, then 20% and 10%…

Meanwhile, TWF students have been thriving, earning over $1M dollars per student.

So let’s find out more about this amazon wholesale course and how it works.

They’re using a method called “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale”. They basically bypass the middleman and get their product straight from the brand owner.

This is very interesting. This means that you no longer need to source your product from China. You make an exclusive deal with a brand owner of popular items on Amazon. Then you resell that product.

Very simple model.

Your product will come from a US factory directly to an Amazon warehouse within a week.

You might be asking yourself: Why would any big company want to give me the exclusive right to sell their products?

Good question. That’s exactly where TWF comes in!

You will learn exactly what to do in TWF, giving the brand owner overwhelming benefits they can’t refuse.

One powerful way to become a trustable partner with a brand owner is by offering what Jason Fladlien calls the “Quad-Win” method where Amazon, the brand owner, you, and your customers all win.

You can accomplish this by doing a total makeover of their Amazon listing. From boring, generic keywords that nobody is searching for to powerful, highly searched, hot keywords in the right category. From old 1970’s looking blurry photos to high resolution, super crisp life-style images that just pop and come to life in front of you.

This is “Quad-Win” because by optimizing their Amazon page, customers can find the product easier than before. So that means it’s making more sales for Amazon, the brand owner, and you! Everybody wins here.

Another way that the brand owner will trust you to become a partner is by having your own professional website. But this can cost you plenty.

Fortunately for you, with Jason Fladlien’s bonus package, you can get an amazing professional-looking website for your company free of charge.

The goal of Reverse Sourcing Wholesale is to find awesome products on Amazon, purchase them at wholesale prices, and sell them on Amazon for a tidy profit. It really is that easy, and the potential is almost unlimited.

Here is the basic idea:

1. Scouting: Find branded products that are profitable & fast selling.

2. Sourcing: Contact brand owner to get a wholesale account.

3. Selling: Manage, expand, systematize and make yourself obsolete.

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