COVID-19: Myths Vs Info

As more and more lies keep getting uncovered concerning the response to COVID-19 by the American Authorities, it becomes absolutely crystal clear how folks occupying offices of energy & influence have tactically risked hundreds of thousands of lives to realize petty political mileage, jeopardizing not just the concept of leadership but also the putting democracy at risk. Utilizing top leadership mouthpieces, the truth has been repeatedly tactically misconstrued to encourage unsuspecting innocents to undermine COVID-19 and thereby neglect their own well-being. Now as the skeletons keep tumbling out of the closet, and our bodies are buried by the thousands and thousands, people of America have realized what a grave turmoil they have unknowingly created.

As if the pandemic in itself was not scary enough, using such a severe concern to realize political mileage and hold the nation at ransom is the ultimate tipping point. In the race to usurp uncontested energy, not only of tens of millions of innocent lives been sacrificed but the real heroes of this tragedy, the safety of healthcare workers and first line response workforce have been duly compromised and their courageous efforts have not been given the due recognition it warranted. If such a ghastly example continues to be the norm of the day, it is not going to be lengthy until hell breaks loose and other people lose all faith in goodness and humanity leading to the total collapse of civillized society.

Therefore, with the deliberate intention to bust myths and expose lies, we now have determined to come up with a new phase, COVID-19 Myths Vs Details, where we discuss a raging Fantasy about COVID-19 that is doing the rounds of social media and dissect it for its authenticity before lastly presenting the unadulterated information to you.

Myth: Exposing your self to direct sun rays or sunlight may also help destroy COVID 19 germs

COVID19 illness germs are actually microscopic residing organisms or viruses that require a healthy host body to survive. If the host body is healthy, it stays there dormantly without creating any unwanted health repurcussions. Nonetheless if the identical person, is moving freely via a crowd or congested public area, he has the capacity to pass the contagion to others. So weather hardly ever has any position to play with beginning or destruction of COVID -19 produced disease germs. Within the cold weather COVID germs turn into more actively involved in looking for a host body to avoid the unhospitable conditions outside.

Reality: COVID-19 germs are at dwelling in warm climate freely roaming in regards to the ambiance looking for a host body to attack. An contaminated particular person or a dormant service of the COVID-19 virus will not only act as a carrier for germs to spread additional but in addition encourage the virus to breed freely in encouraging conditions. Wearing Face Masks and utilizing Hand Sanitizers in public spaces is highly efficient in controlling the virus and limiting its free movement.

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