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I don’t want so much bass that the golf cart shakes, nor do I count on the best possible high quality sound, but that said, the Ampcaddy Bluetooth speaker has wonderful sound. Plus, I performed two rounds of golf and was able to use it constantly, thanks to the fast charging lithium battery.

Deciding what kind of motorcycle handlebar mount cell phone holder to purchase to attach your cell phone to the handlebars of your bike or motorbike is just not a lot completely different from selecting one for your automotive, though there are a few extra things to think about – especially if you will be riding your bike off road or on bumpy rural roads.

A: Whereas we’d wager some programs have explicit guidelines in opposition to speakers, we’d hope it’s not common. Golf is a game, proper? Aren’t games meant to be enjoyed? Yes, there is a rule prohibiting music throughout competitors (one thing about using the rhythm of the beat in your golf swing), but, if you’re respectful of others on the course, listening to music together with your buddies on the weekend shouldn’t be an issue. Keep it at an affordable volume, and it’s all good. Go ahead and publish your scores. We won’t tell.

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