A day in Stephen Curry

Now that has been exposed for what he is soft by the hard as nails , Curry can no longer hide.

The Nuggets taunted Curry by calling him soft, and he proved them right. He was so soft, he was able to absorb their hit men hits and still toss in enough soft jump shots and feathery floaters to average 24.3 points in the Warriors’ 4 2 series win.

A day in the life? Curry slides off his extra soft mattress and into his bunny slippers. Over breakfast soft boiled eggs, an eclair, adidas com originals hot chocolate with a marshmallow Curry reads a chapter of a self help book, ‘s “How to Look Like a Tough Guy.”

Curry exchanges texts with his twin brother, Mr. Softee, who works as a mascot for an ice cream company. Mr. Softee was a fine basketball player, too, but was forced to give up the game because unless the gym was refrigerated, his head would melt.

Curry gives his wife a soft kiss, waves to his neighbor, Mr. Whipple, jumps into his car which has a soft top and extra cushiony shocks and cruises to work.

To get into the mood for NBA hoops, Curry cranks his stereo to “2.” Soft rock, of course. His favorite rock group is Soft Machine, and his playlist includes such classic hits as “As I Leave You Softly.”

Also on Curry’s playlist rotation: ‘s “Killing Me Softly.”

It’s almost eerie how the words to Flack’s four decade old song have so much meaning to Curry. Remember that song? (And just for fun, see if you can spot the very subtle changes I made):

I heard he had a good shot, I heard he had a J/

And so I tripped and ‘bowed him/

I’m no apologist for , but the league fining him $25,000 for trying to influence the refs through the media? Surreal.

Jackson was still seething Saturday when I asked him about it. I’m pretty sure it’s not about the money; it’s about being the first coach in NBA history called out for doing what every coach has done since the league began.

“I’m not even going to get into that,” Jackson said glumly. “I didn’t do anything to start with.”

David Stern has instituted a new level of speech policing, and the league is about to get a lot duller or a lot wealthier.

Some deep thoughts, cheap shots bon mots

One thought I did not have at any time Thursday night, when fans were shaking the roof off Oracle: “This is going to be sooo much cooler when they have a new arena in another town!”

After the deafening cheer for , Mark Jackson briefly considered putting Panda in uniform and sending him into the game.

The scouting report on Sandoval: Soft.

Best three dunks of the series, in reverse order: Kenneth Faried’s Game 6 alley oop dunk just before halftime, which brought out the maintenance crew for a backboard adjustment; down the lane and over JaVale McGee in Game 3; , Game 2, blowing by and throwing down over his head as he flew past the rim.

Bogut doesn’t enjoy being cast as the Warriors’ cheap shot enforcer. He politely declined during the Denver series to respond to accusations, but after Game 6, Bogut told me it’s not fair to call him dirty while praising Faried, for example, as energetic and physical.

Clearly, Bogut has Stephen Curry’s trust as a go to guy, and Bogut had to earn that status. After Game 6, Bogut told me, quite seriously, “Early on, he was thinking, ‘What did we trade for?’ “

New rule: If God blesses you with a courtside seat at Oracle, adidas supravy you either wear the stupid yellow T shirt or you get a pie in the face from .

The bad : 16 turnovers in the last three games of the Denver series.

The good Jarrett Jack: In Game 6, two made foul shots at the end of the first half and two more to close out the game and the series. An absolute gamer and leader.

Jack’s take on the Nuggets taunting Curry as soft: “That’s definitely saying a lot about your defense, if a soft player can do what he did for six straight games.”

Jack, on the Nuggets’ charges that Bogut plays dirty: “We need to work on Bogut’s level of dirtiness, if everybody was still playing.”

Jack’s take on Bogut’s flagrant foul on Faried in Game 5, when Faried wound up on the floor at the baseline: a foul and a flop.

Unbiased opinion: I’m not sure the Warriors have even a high school level flopper on their team, and that puts them at a disadvantage against the Spurs. is one of the greats. He gets fan mail from .

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