Rash on Back of Neck

Rash on back of neck is a skin problem that is more frequent in children and teenagers, than adults. Neck rash turns the skin dry and itchy. The affected portion of the neck appears red and may cause moderate amount of pain. Although facial and back acne is more common, it can occur anywhere and is sometimes restricted to the neck area. There are quite a few over the counter acne creams, that can help to get rid of pimple like rash on the neck. Buying acne products that contain a high amount of salicylic acid is a better option. is a rash that makes the skin itchy and swollen. Also referred as inflammation of the skin, dermatitis can make a person quite uncomfortable due to constant itchiness. Scratching the neck excessively to get relief from itchy feeling can make the skin irritated and the neck may turn red. Using inappropriate skin care products, usually causes occurrence of neck rash and adidas obuv cislovanie in other parts of the body. Allergic reactions from materials that come in direct contact with the neck area can produce itchy rash. For instance, when jewelry, rubber or even metals like nickel, remain in contact with the skin for prolonged periods of time, it can cause irritation, adidas obuv vypredaj which eventually leads to the development of itchy rash.

Side Effects of Medications

An allergic reaction of a prescription drug can damage the skin and manifest in the form of rash that can occur any part of the body including the neck and the ears. This indicates the body’s intolerance towards certain medicines. In such cases, the doctor advises to discontinue the medicine and may recommended another drug or an alternate therapy to combat the disease.

Food Allergy

Certain foodstuffs can also be responsible for causing allergic reactions. A skin rash that specifically targets the neck portion can also be due to food allergy. A food allergy rash can bring severe itchiness in the affected parts of the body. However, skin rash that is limited to a specific area is considered to be a mild symptom of a food allergy. In severe cases, the rash spreads over the entire body and facial areas appear swollen. is a skin disorder in which there is a sudden outbreak of red itchy rash that may be seen in patches all over the body, but are sometimes restricted to the neck region. However, people with specific types of skin actually have higher chances of suffering from sunburn than darkening of the skin. Prolonged exposure to UV rays of the sun can be detrimental to your skin health. The UV rays can easily infiltrate through the superficial skin and damage the inner layers of the skin. A sunburnt skin is inflamed, visually appears red and shows the formation of blisters. Traveling in the hot sun without wearing a hat exposes the neck area to direct sunlight. The sunrays are extremely harsh at noon and going out for long without using any sun protective gear may lead to rash on back of neck. Use of certain medicine can also make the skin vulnerable to sun allergy. This is a skin diseases that usually affects the neck , back or the face. In this condition, there is abnormally high growth of skin cells that causes formation of pus filled blisters, leading to burning sensation for quite some time.

Itchy rash on the back of neck in children or adults is not a serious issue and many times, it goes away without any treatment. However, in order to reduce the discomfort and pain, associated with constant itching, topical treatment such as corticosteroid creams are helpful in this regard.

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